Being one of the pioneers in the digital banking industry, GoTyme Bank aimed to reflect their passion and vibrancy in their new office space, right of the bat.

After a full year of hosting their employees at a co-working space, Philippine digital bank, GoTyme Bank, recently took over the floorplate at Ortigas Center to build a place of their own, The DB&B team worked closely with their team to identify the key priorities for their business, such as user experience and to exude a professional and reliable brand image. With this understanding, the design of their office sought to express the same goals.


This welcoming zone is dressed with a luscious moss wall backdrop, hosting the company’s logo. The backdrop is set against a timber surface pieced together with slats of different colours, and this design extends to the ceiling, and is paired with matching vinyl flooring, creating textures and injecting vibrancy into the space. The clean white wall at the side with geometric cut-outs also serve as lighting for the space, offering a futuristic experience to guests and employees that step in.

Designed to be a customer-centric arrival zone, two kiosks are placed next to the reception counter so guests can create a GoTyme Bank account in less than 5 minutes and have their FREE debit cards printed. A lounge space is also carved out opposite the kiosks to allow customers and guests to wait in comfort while appreciating the sophisticated design within this space.


Studying the work styles of their various departments, the layout of the space was planned to support their business models and dial up productivity. For GoTyme Bank’s sales team, it was important for them to be located near the entrance in order to attend to customers promptly. Understanding that an agile work model works best for them, DB&B created an open collaboration hub with a multitude of work settings for the GoTyme Bank team to move around during the workday.

To facilitate company events periodically, this open collaboration hub can be transformed into an open space for parties and townhalls. This is made possible with the use of movable furniture that can be stowed away or reconfigured easily based on the occasion. Amenities such as a fully equipped pantry is also thoughtfully carved out next to this hub.

Similarly, for the finance team who requires a higher level of privacy, a space is allocated at the back office, with acoustic panels separating each desk to protect privacy.

Apart from the open discussion areas, private meeting rooms and semi-private huddle spots are also found around the office to support different modes of discussions. Lining the perimeter of the office, these spaces enjoy unblocked views and natural light from their full height windows, stimulating the mind for brainstorming and sharing sessions.


It was imperative that employees feel engaged and connected to this new workplace that truly belongs to them. To fulfil this, a key design element incorporated into the space was a ‘rainbow track’ that leads the way from the front office to the back. This track is made up of GoTyme Bank’s corporate colours – building the sense of identity employees would experience as they journey deeper into the office.

Similarly, pops of colours can be observed through the selection of furniture pieces, acoustic panels, carpets and wall colours throughout the office. Acting as a means of wayfinding, the carpet colours also signify the designated workspaces of GoTyme Bank’s different departments.


To introduce biophilia into the office, nature-inspired materials such as wood panelling and rattan furniture, lights and space dividers were used in various parts of the office. Besides the impressive vertical greenery at the entrance, planter boxes are also installed across the floorplate to double up as ‘soft’ demarcation within the office. At the open collaboration hub, a ‘mini tree’ is also planted as a centrepiece to the space, sending alfresco vibes to its surroundings. Collectively, these biophilic elements create an oasis of comfort within the office space.


In this new generation of the workforce, it is increasingly important for employees to be able to connect with their workplace and be motivated to head back to the office to collaborate in person. GoTyme Bank recognised this trend, and worked together with DB&B to design and build an office that reflects their brand story and journey they have taken as a young company. This user-centric space also speaks of their company values and how they prioritise employee wellness to eventually drive productivity at the workplace.

Project: GoTyme Bank
Location: Philippines
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: DB&B