Editorial Submissions


We make no publishing commitments without seeing complete professional photography (its quality being a factor in our decision), and we look for images in which the lighting detail is clear.

We like exclusivity

We are more likely to publish editorials that are sent to us exclusively. If you are offering us an exclusive, please make this clear in your submission email.

We like to credit everyone

Send us workplace project credits! Especially for the images. We are rarely able to pay for photography but we will happily give credits, links, and full copyright details where appropriate. Many photographers happily give us free imagery as publication on Office Concept is a good way to promote their work and often leads to commissions from other publications. You MUST ensure you have the permission of the copyright holder for all material you submit.

Share, share, share

When we’ve published your editorial (workplace projects or office products) please share it like crazy on social media, newsletters, your website, and so on. It will help your editorial get more visits and more attention.

We now use a digital submission form which you can choose the right one below.

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