Gensler’s design of the Chevron Australia headquarters in Perth incorporates elements from the natural surroundings, celebrates cultural diversity, promotes well-being, and integrates sustainability, while showcasing an extensive art collection.

Nestled within the heart of Elizabeth Quay, Chevron Australia’s headquarters embarked on a transformative journey, guided by a deep vision: to unite its Perth-based workforce and communities through a building design centred around health and wellness. In a captivating blend of art and local culture, the design team from Gensler seamlessly intertwines the ethos of water, land, and plants, creating a celebration of cultural variety and the warm community spirit.

The design takes cues from the local environment, specifically the water and land that define the area. This influence is seen in the colour scheme, reflecting the colours of Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Barrow Island, and Onslow. A central spiral staircase connects each floor, creating a sense of togetherness throughout the space. This unique design not only serves a practical purpose but also showcases diverse artworks inspired by Western Australia’s rich cultural history. These artworks draw inspiration from Chevron’s own facilities and oil fields, connecting the project to the places Chevron operates.

Inside its walls, Chevron hosts a variety of shared spaces, sparking lively conversations and inspiring the exchange of creative thoughts. Bright colours, textures, and artistic expressions come together as a tribute to the complex threads of humanity, uniting visitors and locals alike in a celebration of their uniqueness and collective energy.

Working hand in hand with Human Factor consultants, the workspace becomes an embodiment of harmony and comfort, a sanctuary where diversity flourishes, and well-being thrives. Aiming for the IWBI WELL Platinum Certification, Chevron meticulously crafts every aspect within this sanctuary of well-being, a powerful statement of its unwavering dedication to elevate the human experience.

Respect for the land it resides on is at the heart of Chevron’s beliefs, as it seamlessly integrates sustainability into every aspect of its design, breathing vitality into its interiors with seamlessly incorporated natural elements. Striving for a 6-star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, Chevron emerges as a distinguished example of sustainable architecture, proudly leading the way in eco-conscious design.

With a steadfast commitment to honouring local talent and preserving cultural heritage, Gensler’s design team worked closely with Whadjuk Noongar ‘cultural architects,’ delicately infusing cultural awareness into every aspect of design. Among the extensive art collection that showcases the impressive works of 32 local artists, indigenous artists play a significant role. Every brushstroke and sculpted form resonate with the sacred history of the land, forging an unbreakable bond between inhabitants and their ancestral home. The collection serves as a powerful tribute to their traditions, history, and enduring creativity, celebrating the artistry that has enriched the region for generations.

Beyond being a mere visual display, the art collection stands as an invitation to delve into the deeper layers of cultural diversity and the lively essence of Western Australia. It sparks conversations, nurtures connections, and uplifts the human spirit, illustrating the transformative impact of art in shaping a meaningful sense of belonging.

Project: Chevron Australia headquarters
Location: Perth, Australia
Design Studio: Gensler
Photo Credit:

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