Signature Workplace Interior Design Projects

Take it to Eleven

Gensler‘s design for 7-Eleven Global Solution Centre in Bengaluru revolutionizes workplace experiences, embodying the brand’s “Take it [ ... ]

Design Thinking in Office Furniture

Nature’s Indoor Oasis

Glow by Zenpro is transforming offices with science-backed living walls, harnessing the well-being of biophilic design. The [ ... ]

Book a Kall

Say hello to Kall, Kettal’s privacy booths, which can transform open-plan offices with cutting-edge solutions that may [ ... ]

Embraced in Cosy Chic

Veritable cocoons of cosiness, the Giorgetti Calathea executive armchair and guest armchair are a fusion of nature’s [ ... ]

Productivity in a Pod

Where open co-working spaces can get overwhelming, Bristol’s Conference and mini Pods provide on-the-go privacy for important [ ... ]

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