Workplace Game Changer

Adaptability is paramount in a dynamic workplace. POINTS by Bene is a modular, free-standing system that fosters [ ... ]

Tailored Ergonomics

JOYCE by Interstuhl is a put-you-first ergonomic experience, with more than a soupcon of fun and flexibility [ ... ]

Swivel Smart

Unlocking seamless seating comfort, ray work by Brunner epitomises intuitive design. With its automatic adjustments and dynamic [ ... ]

Shape Your Space

Unfolding limitless potential, foild by Brunner redefines spatial design. Crafted by Swiss atelier oï, this nomadic screen [ ... ]

Quiet Power

Pining for peace and quiet in an era where video conferencing has become the norm, yet plagued [ ... ]

Cosy-Chic Comfort

Look forward to Mondays with Brunner’s Pads sofa range. Designed for individual cosiness, this collection accommodates occupants [ ... ]

Wood Work Wonders

Celebrate the future of workspace design with CUBIX.A, the evolution of König + Neurath’s acclaimed modular system. [ ... ]

A Design Revolution

Herman Miller’s Fuld Nesting Chair breaks the mold for versatile seating. Its sleek inverted Y design and [ ... ]

Productive Privacy Pod

A delicate balance of form, function and flair, Boss Design’s Frida focus pod transforms spaces—adding warmth and [ ... ]

Exemplar of Ergonomics

Girsberger’s Ategra swivel chair collection epitomises the essence of the modern workspace. Designed for the evolving office [ ... ]

Collaboration in Motion

Punch up workplace productivity with Teknion’s Kupp folding table. This mobile marvel is cleverly designed to be [ ... ]

Beauty with Brains

Steelcase’s Think Chair delivers a tailored understanding of seated comfort, evolving to suit the dynamic workspace. The [ ... ]