The juxtaposition of raw materials against a contemporary backdrop is what makes PAND Design Group’s office so unique – and exceptionally inspiring.

A raw and refined design language amid a fascinating interplay of materials infuses PAND Design Group’s new office in Kuala Lumpur with a distinctive charm. While the main design intention is to incorporate a definitive industrial-chic theme into the office, the design team has gone beyond mere aesthetics to create a highly functional work environment to foster productivity, creativity, and a community spirit among their team members.

The design approach was a collaborative process: PAND Design Group’s in-house designers were each tasked to envision how the office would be and come up with a specific design concept. Following several discussions, the team mutually agreed on a raw and modern industrial theme to represent the company’s unique approach to design.

“A muted backdrop within the interior provided us with a practical canvas to pull various elements together to achieve the edgy industrial concept. Concrete, steel, exposed galvanised pipes and zinc were effectively implemented throughout the office to generate a brutalist-inspired appearance,” the design team says.

Instead of regular doors, upcycled container doors were also used as part of the office’s key features. However, to prevent the cold and rigid materials from overpowering the interior, wood, and splashes of PAND Design Group’s signature bright yellow hues were strategically applied to balance out the palette.

The industrial concept is apparent immediately at the front entrance where the company’s bold yellow logo stands out prominently against a zinc wall. From the foyer, a boardroom enveloped in zinc panels painted in yellow is accessible via a pair of sliding glass doors. Opposite the room is a spacious pantry decked in wood for a warm and welcoming effect while across the ceiling, pipes and cables painted in yellow enhance the appeal of the space.

Meanwhile, in the brightly lit main work area, dark-toned furniture further complements the black cabinetry and custom-made wire shelving on the concrete wall. At the far end of the room, the materials library is furnished with work pods, providing another conducive spot for employees to work in. Again, container doors are used to express the industrial outlook. Painted in different colours, the doors conceal the storage area while lending a rustic charm to the space.

Project: PAND Design KL
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Design Studio: PAND Design Group
Photo Credit: PAND Design Group