Spanning across three levels, SAP’s newly revamped Singapore headquarters promotes an employee-centric experience with a focus on sustainability, enabling in-person activities such as brainstorming, collaboration and social interaction.

For German tech-giant SAP, DB&B aimed to create a space that facilitates their hybrid work model, with a key focus on sustainability and employee wellness. With the help of an independent workplace consultant, their team reassessed SAP’s office footprint and found that 88% of employees spent less than half of their working day at their desks.

Drawing insights on collaboration patterns and the needs of different departments, a diverse range of configurations was incorporated to suit different working styles. This agile design promotes engagement within the office. To bring the outdoors in, the new activity-based work areas are biophilic and nature-themed.


SAP is committed to protecting the environment and continuously improving its environmental performance. In response to this, and to align with the Singapore Green Plan for a sustainable future, the DB&B team sought to ensure at least 5% of the total space is dedicated to eco-friendly innovations such as energy-efficient LED bulbs and biophilia that minimizes indoor air pollutants for a healthier and greener work environment. Of the 100,000 square feet office space, 70% of the area adheres to green labelling protocols.

In efforts to maximize the lifespan of their existing furniture, pieces within their inventory and furnishings were selected to be creatively incorporated into the new layout. Creative refurbishment was also made to various furniture to improve durability, or to align with the design theme. Recycling bins are placed along the corridors or constructed within the pantry carpentry. Biophilic elements and sustainable materials were also used where possible.


SAP welcomes their guests at the third level of the office building. The reception desk is specially constructed to allow maximum visibility of the receptionist. Seated on a raised seat, it allows the receptionist to connect with visitors and employees at eye level, enhancing interaction and the welcoming experience.

Nestled at one end of the front office, contains a feature wall generously clad with greenery. Beside it, a mirror wall gives the illusion of an expanded space, and also reflects the daylight, making the space look brighter. Here, a myriad of seating options such as booth seats, meeting tables, sofas, lounge chairs and phone booths can be found to fit the nature of any discussion.


On the other side of the reception counter is the waiting lounge, furnished with comfortable armchairs, sofas and plants hanging overhead. This area is connected to the Barista Café, which impresses with a robot barista fitted behind the bar counter – a great way to start conversations with guests. This café serves as an open space for discussions, dining, private functions and townhalls. The loose furniture curated allows this space to be used flexibly in various configurations.


At the back office, a range of huddle spots are scattered amongst the bench seats to encourage movement and cross-pollination between teams. High work benches, focus pods and 120 degree work stations are amongst the available options. To promote access to these amenities, pendant lights in varying shapes and colours hang over the spots to serve as wayfinding across the large floorplate.


To support their information technology (IT) needs internally, SAP’s new office includes a dedicated room for their IT department, along with service desks that allow the IT team to attend to technical matters from their co-workers. This new room was erected along with an onscreen ticketing system to help employees better gauge the waiting time, thereby using their time more efficiently.


In addition to the huddle spots injected amongst work benches, larger community spaces are carved out to motivate collaboration and interaction. Interspersed across the three floors, these settings collectively embodies the nature-themed design narratives set out for this office.


Guided by a future-driven vision and deep understanding of SAP’s needs, DB&B combined expertise in design and build to ensure a quality and sustainable result. “As more companies move towards a hybrid workforce, it is imperative for us to provide user-centric design solutions that offer flexibility and agility.” Says Jeanette Siew, Executive Director of DB&B.

Project: SAP
Location: Singapore
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: MarcusL Photography