Through the design concept of a `Crossing Point of Creativity’, Shiseido’s Global HQ reshaped the corporate environment into a dynamic environment for stakeholders to freely interact and exchange new ideas.

As one of the world’s oldest beauty and cosmetic companies, Shiseido has preserved its brand DNA by creating a workplace that encourages the development of new beauty innovation ideas. Gensler designed a new environment that promotes open communication, diversity, equity, and inclusion, leading to a more collaborative and fully branded experience.

The concept of a “Crossing Point of Creativity” inspired the introduction of an activity-based work style, which eliminated fixed seating and encouraged interaction and the exchange of ideas between employees.

The reception floor, featuring Shiseido’s corporate colors of white and red, serves as a gathering place for visitors and creates a welcoming atmosphere. In the gallery area, guests have access to digital seasonal information.

The office floors, featuring atrium openings on both levels, make use of the building’s architectural characteristics. A gathering space located in the center of the atrium has a circular layout, allowing employees to move around, meet each other, and come up with new ideas.

The communal floors feature blush and lipstick colors, which reflect the company’s focus on beauty. Each global brand’s office floor is designed to capture the essence of that brand, with brand rooms for media interviews, social networking, mock shops, brand museums, and makeup corners. The floors are layered with each brand element, like a mille-feuille, creating an exciting environment for employees and a fresh experience every day. Additionally, the creative department’s floors are intentionally designed in monochrome to create a “blank canvas” atmosphere that inspires designers to develop new prototypes and products.

Cladded with black and white accents, the appropriately named Zebra Café was inspired by the concept of a Crossing of Creativity. This popular touchpoint serves healthy and delicious food throughout the day where employees meet, eat, and work, and enjoy drinks at night. The space also offers a variety of seating configurations that can be customized for different purposes.

As a Japanese beauty company, the new global headquarters has become the pride of the Shiseido brand and its employees. The new headquarters has been transformed into a space where all employees can experience the global brands and communicate their strategies to the world, empowering them to achieve their vision – Beauty Innovations for a Better World.

Project: Shiseido Global Headquarters
Location: Japan
Design Studio: Gensler
Photo Credit: Nacasa & Partners / Tomooki Kengaku