Unispace transforms its Auckland studio into its first built example of a COVID-responsive workspace that inspires new and innovative ways of collaboration.

In August 2020, Unispace was ready to reconstruct its Auckland studio into a future-focused space enhanced by the latest technology for their newly agile team, and accelerated by the impact of COVID-19, the company was able to test out Unispace’s Propellor Framework – a hub-and-home model that lays out key guiding principles for the future of the office.

Unispace began by conducting hundreds of hours of research, client surveys, and executive interviews, to better understand the factors that will improve the post-COVID work experience. In speaking with their staff, Unispace gathered that there were diverse opinions on the preferred location for focused work (38% prefer remote locations, 29%
prefer the office, and 33% are comfortable with either), as well as varying preference for face-to-face interaction (54% like the office for bouncing off ideas and 51% prefer for meetings to be conducted face-to-face). As such, leveraging these invaluable insights, Unispace designed its Propeller framework, and built its first example of a COVID-responsive workspace in the Auckland office.

The Auckland office now boasts of 52 ergonomic workpoints to accommodate a staff base of 85, eight enclosed meeting rooms with custom acoustic ceilings in the larger rooms to preserve sound quality, and a series of custom-built, acoustically-treated curved ‘Teams’ pods as alternatives to larger meeting rooms – in recognition that more meetings now take place between smaller numbers of in-person and remote workers. The office also has a raised coworking space at the entrance lobby accommodating six ergonomic workpoints, a soft-seating reception, and soft-seating booths meant for three to six people to lower noise levels. Every space in the office also uses a plug and play system, and is decked with wireless chargers and docking facilities to enable a seamless technological experience.

Hospitality is also taken to the next level in the Auckland studio to encourage staff, clients and partners to come together in new and creative ways. The front of house desk provides a tech-led concierge experience, combining visitor registration technology, occupancy and density data to signpost available space and amenities for staff and visitors. This not only enables COVID-secure coworking to take place, but also supports event hosting in a way that doesn’t disrupt other occupants. The studio also has two ‘open’ project meeting spaces – the Design Library and Innovation Space – which are VC-enabled with significant whiteboard and touchscreen coverage for improved collaboration with clients.

With Unispace’s lean methodology, the 736-square-metres office was completed within six weeks, presenting the best possible blended workplace experience bound to enhance culture and productivity, maximise performance, and further future-proof the company.

Project: Unispace Auckland
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Unispace
Website: unispace.com