The lively atmosphere in Shopee’s new office demonstrates the company’s work culture with fun features that create an enjoyable and creative work environment.

With its employee-centric design approach, Shopee’s new office in Jakarta brings together a vibrant concept that expresses collaboration and connectivity. A Sea company first launched in Singapore, Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. When they spread their wings into Indonesia, they wanted their new office in Jakarta to portray their core company culture and signature style in an open and dynamic manner.

Taking up four floors at Sea’s 6-level headquarters which also accommodates their other two brands Garena and Airpay, Shopee is easily distinguishable from the other two with its bold orange colour theme, a key element of their brand identity.

“We had to follow Shopee’s corporate design guidelines very closely in this project, “ Simon Pan, Managing Director of PAND International Design says. “But there was also ample opportunity for us to add on subtle yet impactful details here and there to give the space its own personality.

Take the reception area for example – the whole space may be a mirror image of Shopee’s reception space in their regional offices. However, we used higher quality materials to improve on the existing design.”

To create the curved backlit counter with Shopee’s signature patterns – an element that’s implemented across all Shopee’s offices – PAND employed a custom-made solid surface material that comes with a glossy opacity so that the backlighting streams through with a softer luminosity. This contributes to the cosy environment of the reception area and complements the rest of the open-concept space with a warm and inviting feeling. Orange pathways are also incorporated to visually define the different areas while leading foot traffic to other spaces in the office.

As Sea’s office spans 6 floors, a central staircase adorned with a huge green wall is carved out near the entrance to connect the floors. This creates an instant focal point which expresses a sense of vertical continuity. “An internal linking feature like this staircase gives the office a grand feeling; it also creates curiosity as to where the staircase would lead to,” Simon remarks.

For the main working space, PAND aimed to introduce a highly collaborative workspace where employees feel inspired and supported. A variety of work desks and seating options in an open-plan setting contributes to interactive work culture, as do the collaboration areas and informal discussion spots that come complete with bean bags and colourful couches. While the space fosters open communication, privacy is granted by glass-encased private meeting rooms as well as small phone booth rooms placed near the collaboration area.

What’s outstanding about Shopee’s office is its large dining area which doubles up as a town hall. Designed as
a place for rest and recreation, fun features are included to encourage interaction and boost morale. In the centre,
lightweight chairs and tables allow employees to move them around for casual chit-chats, group lunches or brainstorming sessions. Flushed against the sidewall is a long bright orange kitchen counter which features the snack bar. Next to the dining area are the billiard and foosball tables.

“This space can easily fit about 1500 staff at one time. It’s more than just a space for dining as they use it for their town hall meetings as well,” Simon says. “We kept it very vast and open so it can easily adapt to different functions.”

Aesthetic-wise, the town hall space features the company’s key colour, orange along with creative details that bring out Shopee’s vibrant brand identity. “On one side of the wall, we put up a magnetic board forming Shopee’s logo. Above, we installed these organic-shaped elements that aren’t just decorative – they are constructed from acoustic materials to prevent the space from getting too noisy,” Simon elaborates.

Throughout Shopee’s office, it’s evident that the design emphasizes employee’s spatial experience while keeping in line with the company’s design key elements. “We wanted to create a dynamic workspace that stimulates creativity and collaboration,” Simon comments.

Project: Shopee
Design Studio: PAND Design
Photo Credit: PAND Design