With its immersive and explorative design concept, Garena’s new office features a unique collaborative work environment highlighted by shared spaces and thematic meeting rooms that pique the imagination.

Creativity, adventure, and imagination accentuate Garena’s new office to convey the company’s brand identity as a dynamic and leading-edge game developer. Spanning three floors – levels 23, 25 and 26, the design theme of this unique office at a corporate tower in Jakarta, expresses the notion that creative productivity is nurtured through inspired collaboration between employees.

“The client requested their new workplace to represent the characteristics of their business in gaming while ensuring the space can accommodate future growth and expansion. Hence, we proposed a playful atmosphere based on an “evolving space” design concept inspired by the vastness of the sea. Our intention is to tap into Garena’s fun and vibrant culture to create an immersive spatial journey that enlivens and empowers those who work there,” says the design team from PAND Design Group.

The design team leveraged the three levels of spacious floor area via connecting staircases to create adaptable workspaces that evolve with the company’s changing activities and future growth. Each level features its own aspirational theme: level 23 is dedicated to creativity and fantasy, while level 25 is where fun, play, and adventure happen. For level 26, futuristic elements denote the company’s vision and bold imagination. In addition, distinctive colour palettes and the use of accents lend themselves to the clarity of this design expression.

Upon entering the main lobby on level 26, the reception area offers an impressive introduction to the key concept using abstract means. At the centre, a sleek, white reception counter against a pristine white backdrop brings out Garena’s vibrant red logo. Translucent batik prints on the wall – a tribute to Indonesian culture, further complement the design. Across the column-free layout, sprawling geometric motifs encapsulate the ceiling, creating an inviting stance in the spacious waiting area punctuated with multiple seating areas.

The open-plan approach continues in the principal working area comprising numerous collaborative zones, shared desks, breakout points and informal meeting spaces. The whole configuration is based on engaging staff within a flexible work environment so that they can be productive and share impromptu ideas while they relax, recharge and have fun breaks with their team.

“Throughout the office, we included a series of collaborative spaces with phone booths in between. This way, staff can transition from group discussions to individual tasks and private calls seamlessly,” the design team explains. “Additionally, Garena has applied digital technology in the workspaces, such as a booking room system and visitor tab system in the reception. Digital boards at meeting zones also help improve communication and efficiency.”

There are many opportunities for staff to explore their fun side at Garena. For starters, the breakout room on level 25 incorporates a hanging bridge that is also accessible through a “fire-chute” from level 26. At the other end of the bridge, another chute connects to level 23’s cafeteria. From this chute, individuals can hop up to the “flying fox” and zip-line towards the centre of the room, landing safely onto a cushioned platform. Other fun amenities also include gaming rooms, pool tables, and even monkey bars at various spots.

Another noteworthy feature is a collection of themed meeting rooms spread out over three floors. To generate a futuristic mood, the boardroom is set in a capsule-like space and adorned with hexagonal lights. In contrast, mesh panels and circular lights are employed in the conference room to achieve a similar future-inspired effect. Different stylistic inspirations are applied to the smaller meeting rooms, including a city bar theme, Japanese Zen style, and a nature-oriented room with an industrial aesthetic. All around, colours play a central role in engaging the adventurous themes while biophilic elements balance the vibrant details with a fresh hint of nature.

Project: Garena Gama
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Design Studio: PAND Design Group
Photo Credit: PAND Design Group
Website: panddesign.com