Kroll’s Chicago office is thoughtfully designed to embody their values and services, offering an integrated and impactful representation of the company’s ethos.

Kroll’s vision for their new Chicago workplace was to embody their core values and enhance the seamless experience they offer across their comprehensive suite of services. Seizing the opportunity, they aimed to accentuate their recent acquisition and introduce their revitalized brand within an attractive and welcoming environment. Having successfully collaborated with Kroll to design their workplace in Boston, Unispace’s team was chosen once again to deliver their integrated approach, ensuring a top-tier space that met both Unispace’s and Kroll’s exacting standards.

In close collaboration with Kroll’s decision-making team, Unispace conducted an extensive assessment of Kroll’s existing workspace and identified that it fell short of effectively supporting their crucial business goals – particularly in terms of attracting and retaining young talent. Given this challenge, Kroll entrusted Unispace with the exciting task of completely transforming their workplace experience.

With a forward-thinking approach, Unispace embarked on a phased journey to create a cutting-edge workspace that would not only cater to Kroll’s current needs but also anticipate future demands. Unispace’s design team seamlessly integrated a diverse array of amenities and multi-use spaces into the office layout, envisioning a dynamic and versatile environment that would inspire collaboration and foster a sense of belonging among employees – especially in the post-pandemic era.

The heart of the redesign efforts centered on showcasing Kroll’s refreshed brand identity throughout the office space. By strategically incorporating the firm’s updated brand elements into the interior design, Unispace aimed to cultivate a strong sense of identity, pride, and purpose among the workforce. The new workplace experience was meticulously crafted to reflect Kroll’s values, mission, and culture – acting as a tangible representation of the organization’s essence.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the modern work landscape, Unispace collaborated closely with Kroll’s teams to implement a thoughtfully crafted hybrid workplace strategy. This approach empowered employees with the freedom to choose how and where they work, promoting work-life balance and enhancing overall job satisfaction. Furthermore, it allowed Kroll to optimize their space usage and reduce their total footprint, contributing to increased operational efficiency and sustainability.

Inspired by the essence of the Fulton Market office building, the design for the space revolves around three key themes: aspiration, refined casualness, and sustainability. Adopting a neighbourhood scheme, the teams seamlessly blended functionality with flexibility, incorporating integrated technology to enhance the overall user experience. Throughout the space, teams strategically implemented elements of the building’s architecture to accentuate the picturesque views and capitalize on the abundant natural light afforded by the airy ceiling heights. In doing so, Unispace strategically positioned essential areas along the perimeter, such as the boardroom, café, and collaborative workstations, ensuring everyone can bask in the rejuvenating glow of natural daylight.

Despite Covid-related challenges and scope changes, Unispace and Kroll collaborated seamlessly with stakeholders and the internal project teams, using Unispace’s proprietary software to drive progress. The completed workplace embodies Kroll’s modern and casual branding, offering a multi-dimensional experience.

Project: Kroll
Location: Chicago, U.S.A
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Chris Barrett

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