A brand that powers happiness requires a workplace that powers its people. Unispace delivered a five-floor transformation for Coca-Cola Amatil in Sydney, to create a destination office reflective of its unique business.

From coffee, to water, energy drinks and alcohol, Coca-Cola Amatil is an FMCG powerhouse. They wanted a new workplace to demonstrate their industrial might, while being an inspiring and efficient environment to work in. Finding alternative premises to accommodate their people was proving a challenge, so they decided to extend their lease and appoint Unispace to help reorder the space they already had.

Unispace undertook a strategic briefing to establish project objectives, gleaning findings that helped convey the landscape of the new space. By looking at their existing space and carefully listening to their requirements, Unispace saw how Coca-Cola Amatil could remain where they were, still accommodate all existing employees comfortably, and even reduce their office footprint by giving up one of their six floors.

In alignment with Coca-Cola Amatil’s vision for their new workplace, Unispace designed a new office space intended for flexibility and longevity. Moving away from the traditional style they had before, senior managers now sit amongst their teams in an agile environment, with quiet rooms offering privacy when required. Technology was also seamlessly integrated into the design of the current workplace, to encourage teams to integrate and connect through spaces such as collaboration lounges, teapoints, a bar, a retreat lounge, a drinks emporium and a terrace.

Coca-Cola Amatil’s office design centres around moments of surprise as well, creating little moments that have the ability to transform good experiences into great ones for both clients and staff alike. A designated client floor filled with light and sweeping harbour views immediately gives a dramatic welcome to visitors. Throughout the office, efficiency in design ensured existing elements were reused – from breakout chairs made of reused Coca Cola bottles, to utilisation of old workstations into bench style seating.

As an occupied space, the project was completed in stages. In order to minimise disruption, a complex stacking program utilised level 12 as a transition floor, while refurbishment and renovation works were undertaken.

The new space heralds a new sense of energy for the Coca-Cola Amatil team, and presents a refreshing design that is as forward-thinking as it is respectful of its heritage.

Project: Coca Cola Amatil
Location: Sydney, Australia
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Unispace
Website: unispace.com