The Linde Group (‘Linde’) is a world leading industrial gases and engineering company with a presence in almost 100 countries.  For its new workspace at its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, they aspired to transform their current set-up to an open office setting as they move into a more collaborative environment.

Collaboration is the keyword these days. As companies take the vital steps into new work culture, the planning and design of the office are critical in setting the right foundation.

Transiting into Open Office

As part of Linde’s relocation into a brand new space, DB&B also looked into the planning strategies to support the company’s quest to move into a more agile setting. The design team consulted with the Linde steering committee to ascertain the project goals right from the onset and strategies were put in place to ensure this assignment is delivered successfully. Apart from striking a balance in meeting user needs, the design strategy also must allow for optimum flexibility. One key implementation was the training room, which can be combined with the pantry to form a large town hall that accommodates up to 400 people.

Achieving the Right Design Harmony

Being in the speciality gas industry, the theme of the office had to reference their global workplace guidelines. In line with the client’s corporate stature, the front-of-house exudes timeless elegance and sophisticated simplicity. The design aims to portray the company’s branding clearly at the reception with a prominent contrast of the logo against a neutral background. A seemingly more exuberant colour palette is introduced in the back-of-house spaces – from dynamic colours to the country-themed graphics application at the pockets of collaboration spaces. The two themes embody a combination of liveliness and functionality, striking evenness between refined and spirited in the office.

The design team also took great effort in ensuring Linde employees are treated with the best window views of the Singapore cityscape. Country-themed collaboration is lined along these parameters to enable employees to take in the breath-taking views and interact at the same time.

Project: Linde Gas Asia, Singapore
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: DB&B