As one of the world’s most recognised FMCG brands, Kraft Heinz partnered with Unispace to search for a new home that would embody their strong brand aesthetic and fun-loving personality.


Previously located in a suburban area, far from the vibrant centre of Milan, Kraft Heinz decided to relocate to new premises that would support their continued growth and expansion. The team at Unispace were challenged with finding a new home for Kraft Heinz before creating a space that would provide team members with an unsatiable appetite to return time after time, thanks to a design inspired by powerful and iconic global brands.

Having outgrown their previous space, there were certain criteria that Kraft Heinz requested of Unispace in the search for new premises. Firstly, a location in the beating heart of the city centre. Kraft Heinz wanted to make their presence known and spice up the palette of business located in Milan. Access to amenities and a gym were also specific requests that needed to be either in the space or within walking distance.


Two design principles were key to measuring the success of this project from a design perspective. The first was to create a space that truly embodied the brand. This includes its playfulness as well as showcasing Kraft Heinz’s internationally renowned range of products. Colour, energy and fun would sit at the heart of the space that comprises designated workplaces, and collaborative and social spaces in the form of kitchens and hospitality suites, where teams can relax at the end of the day or entertain and cater for guests. The extensive kitchen facilities are particularly impressive and fittingly find themselves at the heart of Kraft Heinz’s new Milan home.

The alignment of the strategy phase with the design phase proved to be a complex process, given the sheer variety of brands that are housed under the Kraft Heinz name. With such a wealth of expression, a diversity of colour, and multitude of logos to encapsulate within a single space, the only way to identify a way forward was by establishing a strong and collaborative creative relationship with the project team. Therefore, before setting pen to paper, Unispace’s design teams had extensive calls with the US-based marketing team, providing invaluable insight into brand guidelines that are woven through the completed space. Working hand-in-hand with the project team at Kraft Heinz, great importance was placed upon the creation of a space that lives and breathes the brand DNA.

Far from serving only an aesthetic purpose, the Unispace design would also play a key role in engaging colleagues and teams to enthusiastically return to the space, on a regular basis. To this end, it was important to conceive a space that included a diverse variety of space typologies.

The importance of designing spaces that cater to people of all generations, with different working patterns, different priorities, backgrounds and approaches cannot be underestimated. Therefore, it was important to ensure that the spaces enabled everyone to perform at their very best, providing each individual with the choice to select an environment that was best suited to their tasks at any given time.


The result of this three year, end-to-end collaboration has been the creation of a workplace that facilitates greater collaboration and cooperation between all team members. The workplace is no longer just an office, but a third space lying somewhere between home and the workplace that caters to people from all walks of life who approach their working day in different ways.

It is a space that intuitively, thanks to its design, encourages people to have more impromptu, informal conversations. It is a space where people can relax and complete their daily tasks in one of many environments thanks to the diversity of typologies that populate the post-industrial building. A space where real belonging and togetherness flourish as teams uncover together the fun of the new environment that is the Italian home of all things Kraft Heinz.

Fewer meetings, greater creativity and better productivity.

Project: Kraft Heinz
Location: Milan, Italy
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Alberto Strada

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