Lonely Planet discovers a new thrill in Melbourne.

Siren’s design of the Lonely Planet office within the iconic Melbourne site, The Malt Store, Carlton promotes connection, fosters culture, inspires and reflects the core business values of the company. Lonely Planet’s motto “the thrill of discovery can be found almost everywhere” was the key, conceptual starting point for the development of the space, which manifests the notion of ‘travel and adventure’ within the built environment. Conceived as a journey which begins at the ‘arrivals/departures’ lobby lounges, space unfolds to reveal various feature destination zones, spanning from the bright lights of the Big Apple to the overgrown tropical jungles of Borneo, to the icy landscapes of Iceland and the traditional architecture of Edo period Japan.

The design approach of feature destination zones within the Lonely Planet Melbourne Office strives to be bespoke in its delivery and detailing, in order to promote an experience which is evocative, inspirational and amusing for staff and visitors alike.  The attention paid to each geographical and cultural reference throughout the building evokes a sense of discovery and wonder while encouraging visitors to relive past travel experiences. This level of detail is particularly evident in the Japanese boardrooms where elements of Edo period architecture can be found in the custom tatami mat graphics on the floor to the sliding partitions that conceal a whiteboard and one that opens to reveal a passageway.

A combination of reclaimed and recycled furniture, from Lonely Planet’s previous office, was adapted to the new office fitout. Items such as table bases and lounges were given new life when partnered with new, sustainable finishes. All the products and materials used in the project were chosen for their sustainability. Workstation areas were positioned around the perimeter of the space to capitalise on the natural light entering the building, minimising the need for artificial light sources.

An adventure unfolds as thresholds are navigated, crossing from workstations in New York to casual meetings in the green spaces of Borneo to give one example. Evoking a sense of wonder and discovery was important to the client’s brand, as was the authenticity found in the traces of each culture represented. Close attention to detail and a bespoke approach to the design has created moments of delight in the unexpected, making space a stimulating place to work or visit.

Project: Lonely Planet, Melbourne, Australia
Design Studio: Siren
Photo Credit: Siren
Website: sirendesign.com.au