Characterized by its leaf-inspired backrest, the Ginko chair offers freedom of movement and comfort, enhancing your seating experience.

The Ginko chair is a superb way to introduce stylish functionality and ergonomic comfort into interior spaces. As its name suggests, Ginko is inspired by the Gingko Biloba leaf and expresses a lightweight and flexible form that you can use in casual environments like workstation offices, meeting, and collaborative spaces as well as lecture halls, home offices, lobbies, and bars. The design is versatile and can adapt to both formal and casual spaces.

Flexible and ergonomic, the backrest of the Ginko bends and flexes to your seating position, giving you support but also allows you to move in any direction. To encourage different positions, the flexible height ranges allow you to switch between sitting, standing or perching positions comfortably. The rounded seat supports your body optimally and provides omni-directional comfort.

As the chair is designed for a wide range of applications, there are various Ginko models available to meet different specifications. You can opt for just the stool or the backrest version, which comes with or without back padding and armrests. The bases include a highstool variant with a tubular foot ring that adjusts up to 250mm height and a 4-legged variation with 85mm height adjustment. They are designed to be modular and can be upgraded or added-on for future changes. A 5-year warranty is offered, covering any defects on the chair’s structure due to normal usage.

The versatility of the Ginko series will be certain to add dynamism and movement to your workspace, whether it be at home or at an office.