Sphere provides an optimised seating experience by bringing together a high-performance ergonomic design and unique features that adapt to your body’s unique curvatures.

Hybrid work styles have given rise to a diverse work environment requiring dynamic solutions. This often means that a quality seating experience may be compromised, with workplaces favouring casual seating options that cater to short durations of seated work. Regardless of the length of time, Okamura recognises the importance of comfortable and ergonomic seating throughout the workday. Sphere is designed precisely to address the demand for task chairs that are optimised for a worker’s comfort and well-being.

Responsive yet personalised, Sphere is meticulously created based on our body’s unique fit and ergonomic needs. Upon sitting down on this task chair, Sphere intuitively provides a natural personalised support without requiring any complicated adjustments. It’s ideal for anyone, as well as both lengthy and short sessions of desk work, thanks to Okamura’s 3D Physical Fit shell. This unique 3D shell system is flexible and strong, which when combined with Sphere’s range of curvatures within its seat surface and backrest, effectively supports the spine and body through various postures. Furthermore, Sphere increases the contact between the chair and body to disperse pressure and reduce fatigue, resulting in a higher level of comfort for longer. To achieve an even better fit, Sphere also offers several adaptable functions including standard features like seat height adjustment, reclining tension control and ankle-tilt reclining as well as optional features such as seat depth adjustment and lumbar support.

With its stylish and contemporary appearance, Sphere’s versatile design complements various types of workspaces, from collaborative and discussion zones to executive rooms and ABW work environments. Users can also choose between different kinds of armrests (4D adjustable, fixed or without armrests), standard or hollow casters, high back or extra high back, as well as with or without headrests. Available in a variety of body and base colours ranging from warm neutral tones to brighter hues, Sphere also takes the eco-friendly route with Re:net upholstery, which is made from fabric recycled from fishing nets. In addition, the chair is designed for a long-use life along with reusable and recyclable components.