A whimsical design approach and bold hexagon-shaped carpet tiles evoke a distinctive ambience in this crocodile-inspired office space.

A unique concept that portrays the client’s love for crocodiles was requested for this office designed by Bangkok-based Studio 54. It was no easy feat to meet this requirement while keeping to a contemporary theme that blends with the rest of the office interior. However, the design team has ingeniously brought it all together with a bold and creative design approach complemented by the use of Carpets Inter’s carpet tiles.

Each of the three floors in this office was designed to represent different parts of the crocodile: the top floor which accommodates the executive offices represents the crocodile’s head while the middle floor which includes meeting rooms and workspaces is the crocodile’s body and symbolises the company’s centre of power. The ground floor where the reception area, exhibition space and museum are located represents the crocodile’s tail.

According to the design team, the flooring concept plays a significant role in strengthening the office’s overall aesthetics. “Flooring is another design medium which allows the creation of truly unique design schemes without compromising performance. For this office, we wanted the floor to reflect the skin of the crocodile,” they explain.

As the project required a meticulous approach for its carpeting, Carpets Inter were brought in by Studio 54 to provide custom-made carpet tiles for a total area of 800 sqm. A hexagon cutting technique along with a green and grey colour scheme was used to achieve the desired effect, resulting in a bold and vibrant flooring concept that gives off hints of the crocodile theme while infusing the office interior with a stunning ambience.