Designed to offer a different experience of comfort, including the gentle sway of a rocking chair, the swell armchair collection transcends the ordinary, ushering in a new era of relaxation and style.

Comfort comes in many flavours – as the Swell chair exemplifies. More than just a cosy chair, the Swell collection is an invitation to experience comfort, however you desire. The perfect companion for any hotel lobby or lounge, it is designed with intuitive features that express contemporary luxury and style.

Made to complement a wide range of laid-back activities, Swell offers a trio of variations tailored to diverse preferences: an auto-return swivelling chair (Swell Standard), a recliner (Swell Tilt), and the newly introduced rocker (Swell Rocking). Each variant is a harmonious fusion of style and functionality, catering to a sense of elegance and practicality, with the Swell Rocking chair adding an extra layer of tranquil rocking comfort.

However, it’s the Swell Rocking chair that truly steals the spotlight in this collection. This unique addition brings the gentle sway and comforting rhythm of a classic rocking chair into the modern design landscape. Designed to move and shift with a person’s weight, the rocking movement, which comes with a 21-degree rocking angle, creates an experience that’s both intuitive and comfortable. The innovative and generous design of the plush chair ensures maximum support, providing ample comfort for those seeking relief for the back and neck.

Swell’s silhouette, curated with a keen eye for detail, incorporates supple cushioning that envelops users within its gentle contours, now amplified by the soothing rocking motion. Its well-known profile of the base, back, and armrests cocoon the body in pure ergonomic bliss while standing out as a stylish piece for modern interiors. Meanwhile, exquisite fine seams bring attention to the chair’s meticulous craftsmanship.

The Swell Rocking chair, in particular, offers a canvas of design possibilities, thanks to an extensive selection of upholstery colours to suit various moods and styles. As the ambiance shifts, the Swell Rocking chair adapts seamlessly, adding a touch of nostalgia and comfort to any space it graces.

Testament of the chair’s visionary craftsmanship and design, the Swell Collection was recently honoured with the prestigious Archidex Star Award 2023. With the inclusion of the Swell Rocking chair, this collection continues to redefine comfort and relaxation, incorporating the timeless and soothing element of a rocking chair into its repertoire of luxurious experiences. Whether swivelling, reclining, or gently rocking, the Swell Armchair Collection offers a holistic and tranquil approach to modern living.