Thanks to its unique design, NETBOX Starfish is a highly efficient on-table unit to ensure power, data and multimedia outlets are all within easy reach.

In every meeting room, the right equipment and technology are important to ensure an engaging experience. On that note, sufficient power outlets to support different digital tools is also essential.

Ideal for conference, boardroom, and round meeting tables, NETBOX Starfish provides direct and easy access to power, data, and multimedia outlets – all from a single on-table unit. With its unique six-sided design, this unit can be installed on an 80mm grommet hole and offers customised configurations for up to six outlets.

Every unit of NETBOX Starfish also comes with a built-in starter cable or connector cable of varying lengths to meet different specifications. Designed with Plug & Play technology, the device is tool-free and easy to install with its click-stop mechanism.

NETBOX Starfish’s slim design fits seamlessly with most modern tabletops (up to 40mm thickness) to maintain a clean and clutter-free appearance in meeting rooms. Made from high-quality ABS-FR material, this device is available in two colours: all-black and white-and-black.