Inspired by classic automobile styling that combines functionality with engineering sophistication, Finora is designed to epitomize beauty with its elegant, streamlined lightness and ergonomic perfection.

The brainchild of Italdesign, Okamura’s latest high-end task seating, Finora presents a sophisticated chair that blends impeccable symmetries with clean contours. From top to bottom, the chair personifies the beauty of lightness, offering a suite of advanced features to complement contemporary workspaces.

“By applying the design philosophy that is distinctive to the automotive industry, Finora provides the modern worker with a high level of functionality for the ultimate level in comfort in an office chair without sacrificing aesthetic design,” Okamura states.

Made with precision, Finora captures style and functionality in a single elegant form. The chair features various adaptable functions including seat depth adjustment and adjustable lumbar support. Its backrest moulds seamlessly into a gentle curve with 4D armrests, intuitively adjusting to the body to provide a comfortable seating experience. To enhance its lightweight form, Finora’s backrest and seat are made from a proprietary matte mesh that is strong and durable yet translucent in appearance, which gives the impression that it is barely there.

A highly adaptable chair, Finora blends effortlessly into diverse environments, thanks to a variety of upholstery, mesh and frame colour choices which allows the chair to be tailored to different interior specifications. Users can opt for a black or white body, with or without polished details. A headrest and jacket hanger can also be added to the chair.

To date, Finora has garnered three coveted international awards: The Red Dot Design Award 2020, the iF Design Award 2020 and the Interior Design’s HiP at NeoCon Awards 2020, testament that this chair has truly achieved the ultimate in functionality, comfort and style.