Designed with bounce bands that intuitively follow your movements, this is a chair you can lean on for optimum support throughout the ebbs and flow of your workday.

Whether you are sitting in a relaxed manner or in a dynamic seated position, the OKAY.III swivel chair by König + Neurath has literally got your back. Designed to complement different work styles or “work rhythms” in multifunctional workspaces, the chair comes equipped with exceptional features that support different movement sequences in any seated positions.

Minimalist in appearance, the standout feature of OKAY.III is the chair’s characteristic backrest which comes with bounce bands tensioned across its knitted mesh to offer a unique sitting experience. As soon as you sit down, you can lean against the backrest and drop back almost weightlessly. The chair intuitively stabilises itself to match your posture, ergonomically supporting your back while ensuring mobility.

“The basis of our OKAY.III chair is its playful automatic response:  all the users we observed in tests leant back more often as soon as they sat down. They were clearly having fun bouncing around and keeping on the move. For me, the attraction of this chair lies in its unique design, as well as the flexibility of the bounce bands,” says Stefan Oelze, Sales Director Seating at König + Neurath.

A high performing swivel chair in every way, OKAY.III employs the proven VSP® (Virtual Swing Point) synchro mechanism which ensures a harmonious movement sequence when sitting in different positions. The chair also incorporates adjustable lumbar support – an updated version of the OKAY.III model, to support optimum pressure distribution and improve sitting comfort. Seat height, depth and tilt can also be adjusted intuitively using the chair’s straightforward controls.