Pavilion O responds to the constantly evolving modern work environment with a flexible modular structure that can be configured and reconfigured to meet changing requirements.

There is a growing demand for flexible, open-plan workspaces to meet the unique and constantly changing needs of an organisation in today’s work environment. Designed to address these emerging requirements, Pavilion O by Kettal gives you the power to create and define your workspaces as and when the need arises.

“Pavilion O is the ideal structure solution for these new work environments. As if you were the architect of your own city, you can use Pavilion O to help you define your workplace’s structure, private and public spaces, and overall flow,” Kettal says.

Featuring a modular structure that allows multiple configurations, Pavilion O provides a flexible and multifunctional way of creating office zones while offering enclosed workspaces. Whether there are changes to your employees’ headcount or department function, Pavilion O quickly adapts to address new specifications via a myriad of office layouts. For example, a lounge area with an adjacent small meeting room can be quickly reconfigured into a larger meeting area for town hall meetings. Other possible layouts include reception areas, locker rooms, pantries, or kitchenettes, as well as multipurpose hubs.

The structure, which is made from aluminium, can be constructed using different materials, including glass, wood, and fabric, as well as practical fittings: shelving, TV unit, whiteboards, and bulletin boards. Users can also incorporate electrical cables and functional accessories for a fully-equipped workspace.

Complementing this structure is Click & Work, a unique clipping system by Kettal that seamlessly facilitates the transformation of spaces according to your mood ecosystems. From wall to wall or corner to corner, the system provides limitless scope for creating adaptable office spaces. In just a few hours, users can instantly set up new workspaces using this quick and easy installation system.