Styled for contemporary spaces and enhanced with sculptural attributes, the automotive-inspired Metrik chair elevates the classic cantilever chair to a whole new level.

A classic piece created less than 100 years ago, the first cantilever chair was an object of obsession of many famous architects in the modernist era. Today, Wilkhahn has reinterpreted the iconic cantilever chair into a sleek seating masterpiece for offices through portraying the chair’s unique characteristics in a contemporary manner.

Elegantly named Metrik, this cantilever chair is a reminiscence of modern automotive design with its sculptural form and smooth contours. Polygonal shapes and rounded edges are part of Metrik’s distinctive body which is defined by a form-fitting assembly of the tubular steel frame and seat components. Both the seat and the tubular frame also carry the same colour to foster a cohesive and integrated look.

“The Metrik cantilever chair stands apart for its consistently integrated design approach. It has taken until today to make such a complex structure from one piece of material,” says Wilkhahn. “The way the components are integrated plays with contrasts such as distinctiveness and neutrality, comfort and an understated appeal, as well as modernity and timeless design.”

Six colours for the body and frame are available which can all be combined with a wide variety of covers and colours to suit different table concepts and office chairs. Metrik also comes with a chrome-plated frame version that allows up to six chairs to be stacked on top of one another, making it an ideal piece for breakout rooms and seminar spaces.