With the built-in dept of 45mm – the lowest in the market, NETSYSTEM Floor Box P and Floor Box PD fit impeccably underfloor, providing a sleek power solution for higher efficiency in the workplace.

Stylish design meets seamless power with the NETSYSTEM Floor Box P and Floor Box PD, offering unsurpassed convenience and accessibility when it comes to underfloor power solutions. Aesthetically pleasing yet spatially efficient, these floor boxes are designed with a low installation depth of only 45mm – the lowest in the market to date, which makes them blend seamlessly with up to 50mm thick screed layers on a building’s concrete floor.

Ideal for open spaces, these floor boxes are designed to efficiently distribute power, data and multimedia services in the floor where cable trunking is mounted. This means unsightly cables can now stay concealed under the floor, ensuring a cleaner interior appearance while limiting tripping hazards. Other small but thoughtful details are incorporated to offer even more convenience to the user. The floor box’s lid comes with a special locking device ensuring that the unit can always be kept shut and flush. It provides also flaps fitted with foam which allows cables to seamlessly run through them. Additionally, there are also individual height-adjustable screws to level the frame with the floor. All plastic materials used are fire retardant.

Floor Box PD offers 2 power outputs with 8 data and multimedia modules while Floor Box P comes with 4 power outputs with direct cable access for data or multimedia. The Floor Boxes also come with a patented design, PI 2016701277, in accordance with stringent quality regulation. Offering direct access to power, data and multimedia, both models feature high-performance power output via Wieland GST 18/3 connectors with the option of RAW or UPS power. Other termination options for multimedia connections such as HDMI, USB, etc are available upon request.