Beauty, ergonomics, and sustainability are the hallmarks of CYNARA, a superbly lightweight task chair that offers ultimate seating comfort while ensuring a lighter carbon footprint.

Lightweight, elegant, and environmentally friendly, the CYNARA task chair designed by Andreas Krob of Swiss design agency b4K and Joachim Brüske for Okamura is a masterpiece that takes work chairs to the next level of ergonomic comfort. Featuring a minimalist and refined aesthetic, CYNARA’s distinctive arc form is inspired by the yumi, a Japanese bow, resulting in a gently curved frame that combines strength and flexibility to intuitively support movement and ensure ultimate comfort.

A closer inspection of CYNARA would reveal multifaceted advantages in its exceptional mechanism and sustainable features. Beyond its superior lightness – the chair weighs a mere 9kg – the soft angular lines of its frame incorporate flexion to support the natural S-curvature of the spine in motion. In addition, Okamura’s upgraded proprietary Smart ankle tilt reclining function optimises recline tension for each user to achieve total seating comfort and ease. By pulling the lever under CYNARA’s left side, you can control the back position, from upright to a free recline of up to 12 degrees. At the same time, the lever under the chair’s right side allows you to adjust the seat height by up to 110mm to match your preferred level of comfort.

More than just a beautiful and functional peace, CYNARA is built with sustainability in mind. According to the designers, the objective of reducing the weight of the chair was to minimise energy consumption for parts procurement and logistics in general, as well as for manufacturing and ultimately for collection and recycling. To this end, CYNARA’s 50% reduction in weight has translated to an impressive 35% reduction in CO2 emissions while ensuring easy handling of the chair’s parts.

CYNARA is available with or without armrests and with normal casters or soft hollow casters. To meet different design specifications, the task chair is available in standard colours of black, white and dark grey, as well as a variety of accent colours, including sage, dark green and orange-red.