Distinctively light in form and weight, KATE also combines easy comfort with functional flexibility to embrace today’s ever-evolving interior spaces.

Light and lithe, yet strong and sturdy, the KATE chair is designed to elevate form and function in contemporary spaces. Made entirely of magnesium, the lightest structural metal available, KATE is only 2.4kg, which means this chair is so light it can be carried with one hand. Magnesium is also prized for its combination of exceptional strength, lightweight malleability and high recyclability – qualities that KATE inherits as well, resulting in a sustainable seating piece that is durable, stylish and versatile at the same time.

Wherever it is placed – in the workplace, public spaces or private meeting rooms, KATE evokes a touch of minimalist elegance that blends well with other furniture pieces. While its slender design features a sharp and streamlined appearance, this all-metal chair is remarkably comfortable. Supported by four slim legs that seamlessly meld with the whole chair, KATE’s back and seat curve enfolds the body to ensure total ergonomic comfort. Seat pads can also be added to the chair, which makes it perfect for a variety of settings such as lounges, lobbies and event spaces where comfort is key. Designed for flexible seating arrangements, the chair is easy to move around from one space to another. If easy storage is called for, KATE is stackable up to four chairs at once.

A palette of different colour options is available for both its standard type (without seat pad) and seat pad type (with detachable seat pad). Colour choices include black, grey, green, and blue to meet different interior specifications.