Proffering exciting new aesthetic possibilities for all manner of learning environments, the Cila Go collection expands the horizons of its users, one effective seating configuration at a time.

One never ceases to learn and this is particularly true within the context of work environments, where a constant acquisition of knowledge remains integral to one’s professional as well as personal growth. For this reason, many furniture manufacturers are increasingly veering their focus towards practical yet aesthetically stimulating solutions that highlight the importance of putting one’s mental capacities to good use.

Underscoring the emphasis on the relationship between people and spaces, Arper’s products are all about synthesis. The Cila Go collection perfectly illustrates this. Designed by Lievore Altherr for the cutting-edge brand, this unique range of seating solutions includes a stool, chair and an armchair. Providing the ideal framework for learning, every piece plays a crucial role in fostering opportunities for group collaboration. Cila Go’s versatile components also give way to quieter arrangements that set the stage for independent work while simultaneously functioning as accessories for technology-enabled learning.

Equipped with a cushy seat pad and castors, the Cila Go base’s well-fashioned combination of portability and utility was conceived with the expanding needs of a modern classroom in mind, providing ample storage space for books, briefcases, backpacks, tablets, computers and supplies to boot. Be it a responsive classroom or a modular work environment, the multipurpose base was made to adapt effortlessly to each specific scenario. The seamless addition of the Cila chair shell – with or without handy armrests – instantly transforms the base into the ultimate portable workstation, making flexible seating a cinch and turning any space into a makeshift classroom at a moment’s notice.