Marel combines the performance of a modern work chair with the sensibility of an upholstered seat designed to express a softer and more luxurious aesthetic.

Soft, plush and ultra-comfy: relaxing in a Marel chair is pure bliss with its lavishly padded, luxurious upholstery complemented by striking ridges and slight folds. Meticulously crafted to soothe tired muscles and relieve stress, the chair’s refined profile comprising slender and light frames further enhances its impeccable aesthetic. In addition, the back of the chair featuring a striking zip running down the centre evokes a touch of elegance.

A unique seating piece by designer Mathias Seiler, Marel is exquisitely versatile, fitting into both work and home settings. In the office, its four-prong swivel base offers mobility and easily fits into different work environments. When placed in an executive’s room, Marel generates an ambience of comfort and style instantly. As a chair for meeting areas, Marel uplifts the room to create a pop of texture and colour. It’s also an ideal chair for employees’ lounge or collaborative spaces to complement impromptu discussions.

As it’s made for multiple applications, Marel offers a myriad of specifications to fit diverse requirements. For starters, this chair is available with a four-legged or skid frame – the four-legged and skid frames are either black-coated or chromium-plated, while the four-prong base is either black-coated or polished. You can also choose from several versions of armrests, including caps made from solid oak, black oak or Fenix solid core, or as solid side panels. Alternatively, you can leave out the armrests altogether.

For more design options, Marel can be upholstered with two new and highly exclusive leathers: Verona and Vitoria. Available in 13 colours, Verona is a delicate nubuck leather with a natural texture. The leather develops into a gorgeous patina over time and can be easily refreshed with a brush. Furthermore, its raw European cowhide is tanned and coloured using eco-friendly mineral procedures.

On the other hand, Vitoria is a natural Nappa leather with a subtle waxy feel. This cover material comes in six colours and is tanned using olive leaf extract in an environmental-friendly manner to create sustainable leather. As a result, this leather may have very few colour variations and markings, indicating its natural state.