The Phone Booth O collection by Kettal fits effortlessly into modern offices, complementing existing work zones with its stylish and functional design.

A dynamic open-plan office buzzing with activity is great for boosting interaction and communication between co-workers. However, there are times when certain tasks at hand require privacy and quiet focus. Kettal’s Phone Booth O is specially tailored for these moments, offering a cosy workspace for employees to concentrate on work and calls peacefully.

“In many large open offices where privacy is hard to come by, The Phone Booth O represents an ideal solution for making important calls or holding video conferences,” Kettal says. “The booth allows you to communicate without being overheard or disturbed in a comfortable workspace.”

Modelled after traditional telephone booths, the Phone Booth O comes in a single, 2- or 4-seater version. The single booth comprises an integrated worktable and a stand with integrated lighting, specially designed to hold a smartphone or tablet during video conferences. The other versions, which accommodate small groups of people, come with a sofa with a meeting table or a high worktable that can be used with stools. For users’ convenience, the booth incorporates a power socket as well as USB and USB-C connectors.

The Phone Booth O offers good sound and reduce reverberation, thanks to its aluminium structure integrated with acoustic panels that provide two levels of acoustics: comfort (with 4+4 glass door) 35 dB and Plus (with 6+6 glass door) 39 dB. All panels are covered with fabric or wood for a stylish appearance, while the swing door is designed with laminated acoustic glass.

To ensure optimal comfort, the Phone Booth O features an air recirculation system of 230 m3/h and interior lighting designed by Kettal. These systems are controlled by a motion sensor and an app, and can be configured according to different environments or specifications. Designed as a “Plug and Play” workspace, the Phone Booth O is quick and easy to set up. Users can also connect the booths to their office’s data network via a standard connector. To meet specific design requirements, customisation is available: the frame comes in 30 colours as well as two types of fabric in 72 colours and two types of wood finishes.