Wilkhahn’s AT chair is now innovated with ESP capabilities, making it the perfect partner for height-adjustable desks to improve sitting-standing postures.

It’s one thing to invest in height-adjustable desks, but quite another when it comes to people actually using it. While the intention behind these desks are good, when people find it too tedious to get up and adjust the table, it defies their real purpose.

Wilkhahn has come up with a superb solution for this: sit higher so that standing up becomes easier, reducing the need to reset the table again and again. Here’s where the AT chair, third in their free-to-move range which comes with ESP or the Elevated Sitting Position truly makes a difference.

Whether you want a standard chair with full 3D movement capabilities or seats that are height-adjustable, AT literally has your back. Not only can you adjust up to a height of 62 cm, this chair also features a patented forward seat tilt, which upon activating it, AT turns into a dynamic office chair that allows users to perch on the edge of the seat while leaning back on the backrest. If users want to alternate between standing and sitting for short periods of time throughout the day, AT makes the transition much easier. “As a result, the extra investment in height-adjustable desks truly pays dividends,” Wilkhahn says.

AT comes with the option of automatic weight adjustment or rapid counter pressure adjustment. Accessories are also available for different scenarios: from the adjustable lumbar support (standard) to 1D, 3D and 4D armrests, optionally with hard or soft armrest pads all the way to seat-depth extension that can be conveniently altered by turning a knob.