Leading the industry with new solutions for higher productivity and better collaboration in the workplace, Bristol presents an inspiring showcase of products aimed at taking today’s offices to the next level.

A better work environment leads to better performance. In line with their vision for the future to create well-designed, quality furniture for today’s offices, Bristol recently unveiled an innovative range of products in tandem with their “Work Better” campaign at ARCHIDEX 2019.

“Work Better” focuses on three key areas: agility and movement at work; collaborative and productive environments as well as ergonomics. In terms of creating a more agile office environment, the sit-to-stand table system, Vertigo 2.0 with independently moving tables and acoustic panels, allows users to easily adjust to their preferred position, as well as providing privacy on demand. Brava offers even more flexibility – this multipurpose bench consists of a top element that can be lowered into a seating area.

Bristol believes that a collaborative work environment contributes to improved productivity. An advanced acoustic panel system, Decibel 43 seamlessly creates versatile space division and enclosures while maintaining a social and interactive atmosphere. For group settings, Modu provides a vibrant modular soft seating system that can be configured into dynamic, informal meeting spaces to foster more opportunities for collaboration. Combined with the height-adjustable and mobile Wobi Stools, ad hoc seats can be added on when the need arises.

When it comes to ergonomics. Bristol’s iconic LIVEN chair can be adjusted from all angles to provide ergonomic compatibility with the user. The seat and backrest can be tilted in perfect balance with the body’s movement while the backrest lumbar can be set higher or lower to support the spine.

During ARCHIDEX 2019, Bristol received two coveted awards from the event: the Best New Product award for its LIVEN executive chair as well as the Booth Design Award in the Standard Structure Category (37 sqm and above) – Gold Award winner.