Highly adaptable and completely versatile, LABORRA creates flexible, communal, and inspiring collaborative environments where people can come together, connect or refresh themselves.

To fulfil today’s diverse requirements for a truly mobile and versatile workplace that supports change, the LABORRA collection by Arte Como provides an impressive modular solution. Created in partnership with designer Sujak Hasbollah, LABORRA blends together Sujak’s creative aptitude with Arte Como’s high-quality craftsmanship, resulting in a collection that takes collaborative furniture to another level.

More than just modular, LABORRA is highly transformative and expansive, offering endless design possibilities to create the right space for the right purpose. Whether your team meets in large groups or small, sitting formally or standing up, in ten-minute briefings or hour-long Skype conferences; whether you require chairs or benches for your town hall sessions, cosy seats for the work-and-play room…however you want your collaborative space to be, the LABORRA collection can make it happen.

In this out-of-the-box collection, LABORRA consists of modular seating pieces that can be made complete with various writing surface solutions including tablets, side tables, coffee tables and high work tables, media walls, whiteboards, dividers, power boxes as well as projector boxes to support information sharing in a collaborative environment. Featuring trendy colours that can be mixed and matched, the LABORRA collection puts the fun into the function, turning spaces into eye-catching interiors with their own unique wow factor.

Seats in the LABORRA collection come in many different variations and can be expanded to even more varieties when combined with rounded backrests and armrests. Each piece is designed for a plethora of creative combinations with one another to align with the function of your spaces.

For waiting areas or lounges, you can line them up in a straight line or place them back-to-back to create a space for lively conversations. If a more intimate setting is desired, you can pair benches together or tuck them against dividers for more privacy. In team meetings, cluster them up to form a U-shape arrangement for brainstorming sessions. For the perfect finale, complement them with playful stools, pouffes and side tables or essential equipment like whiteboards and work tables.