Open workspaces get a creative update with the Floater lounge and desk system designed with work-life balance in mind.

Workspaces can be cosy and functional at the same time. That’s the idea behind the dynamic Floater lounge and desk system. Featuring a sofa and easy chair range as well as a new desk system, Floater is the first work-lounge concept for COR created to meet today’s evolving work environments.

“I wanted to create a practical sofa for people who are constantly on the move with their laptop under their arm and who work everywhere and at any time — with all kinds of people,” says French designer Pauline Deltour, the brainchild behind this imaginative collection.

The Floater system comprises several components, including solid wood frames that incorporate an upholstered outer shell, seat, and back cushions, as well as boxes, shelves, or racks. These modular elements can be combined to create individual configurations – for example, a basic S- or U-shaped arrangement. User-friendly and versatile, the system is similar to a construction kit with different panels functioning as links to connect several modules to each other.

The lounge modules with high or low back sofas and easy chairs are ideal for communication zones and can merge seamlessly with the Floater desk system to create a complete office oasis. The system can also be made more complete with tabletops or stools as well as additional shelves and dedicated power connections.