Elegant and eco-friendly, the Beton Strata and Beton Screed carpet tiles from Carpets Inter’s innovative EcoSoft® series give this contemporary office a unique aesthetic.

A planet-friendly approach highlights the flooring design of a premium automotive manufacturer’s 14,000 sqm head office in Australia, achieved using the Beton Strata and Beton Screed carpet tiles from Carpets Inter’s innovative EcoSoft® series. Inspired by the natural organic surface of freshly laid concrete, Beton Strata and Beton Screed infuse the office with a touch of contemporary sophistication without compromising the office’s predominant palette that blends neutral, earthy hues and sleek details.

In the main conference room, for instance, the undulating texture of the dark brown carpet tiles provides a sense of formality while complementing the ceiling feature and office furniture. For the open spaces like the lounge areas and collaborative zones, Beton Strata and Beton Screed tie in the furnishing palette, producing a cohesive interior theme throughout the office.

As the Beton collection come in a standalone pattern with multiple tonal shades, their unique design has the capacity to break the monotony of repetitive palettes, enabling selective placement of plain accent colour modules to coordinate with other finishes. The carpet tiles also provide two installation methods, including random vertical brick and herringbone, to generate more flooring design possibilities.

Touted as the best modular carpet tile backing in the industry, the EcoSoft® series is made from 80 per cent post-consumer material reengineered from millions of discarded plastic drinking water bottles, plus five to 10 per cent post-industrial recycled PET. More than just an eco-friendly product, this high-performance carpet tile collection also offers enhanced durability, underfoot comfort, acoustical propensity, improved insulation to cut energy bills and better indoor air quality.

According to Carpets Inter, EcoSoft® meets stringent performance criteria required for carpet tiles and, to date, has outperformed conventional PVC and bitumen hardback, as well as urethane cushion back, making it a highly advantageous material to use in modern office environments.

Developer: Frasers Property Industrial

Architect/Designer: PTID & Max Architects

Installer: Stahmers Carpets

Photographer: Ellen O’Connor

Authorised Distributor: Aboveleft