When personal space is called for in an open-plan office, Kokuyo’s Uptis offers users their own work and utility space within an innovative workstation.

Strains on the neck or shoulders are often caused by uncomfortable positioning of your monitor or laptop. Many of us try to alleviate this by stacking our devices on top of books or getting a laptop stand so that the screen is at eye level. However, it is sometimes ineffective because there is an ideal angle to ensure ergonomic comfort – 12 degrees to be exact; an angle Kokuyo has perfected with Uptis, a work desk that can be adjusted to seven levels to align with your posture.

Compared to flat desk surfaces, Uptis adjustable features help to reduce fatigue and stress to the neck, shoulders and even the eyes.  When users tilt Uptis’ top plate to the ideal angle, it has been discovered that muscle strain on the neck is reduced up to 70%, thus contributing to better posture. Additionally, the eyes are protected too as the screen is at a comfortable level. While conventional laptop stands may be able to help raise the screen to eye level, studies have shown that it often causes strain to the wrist. Uptis resolves this with its adjustable tilt so that both the eyes and wrists are at an angle complementary to each other.

More than just a functional piece, Uptis is also designed as an elegant space-saving workstation to complement modern workspaces. Utility space is created between one seat to another so that there’s ample space in the middle and around the sides for storing personal items and other devices. This innovative setup reduces clutter and promotes a sense of personal space, contributing to a more conducive and productive work environment.