Testo’s new workplace is optimized for high performance and an interactive work culture via impeccable space planning and innovative furnishing solutions by König + Neurath.

Set within a sculptural building surrounded by panoramic views, the administration centre of Testo SE & Co. KGaA, a manufacturer of measuring instruments, is designed with the aim to create excellent workspaces and establish an open, communicative atmosphere in their new office.

For its interior spaces, the main design intention was to create areas in which employees have the autonomy to select the best places to work on the task at hand. Whether it is focused work or dynamic group discussions, Testo requested for a series of conducive spaces for different activities.

“We’ve provided space for 300 colleagues, no expense spared. We could have invested just half the amount, but we wanted to create premium workspaces in a unique, stand-out atmosphere.” Roman Müller, Facility Manager of Testo says.

Different zones and open spaces are thus formulated and equipped with furniture systems by König + Neurath to ensure smoother workflow and seamless interaction between departments. Throughout the new workplace, there are three different workstation concepts: permanent allocated desks, non-territorial approaches and a mixture of these two variants.

To cater to these diverse concepts, König + Neurath provided TALO.S motorised desks with acoustic screens, workbenches with MOVE.MIX upholstered chairs for collaborative working, and open NET.WORK.PLACE Organic ensembles for break times or small-group meetings. In quieter zones, NET.WORK.PLACE lounge chairs are strategically placed next to the large windows to create an ideal place for working without distractions, making a phone call or relaxing amid pleasant views of natural landscapes outdoors.

Testo further states that König + Neurath has effectively contributed to their efforts to create a high-performance workforce – thanks to their high-quality furnishing solutions designed to uncover the potential and possibilities of evolving workspaces.