Calm and elegant, evoked through perfectly balanced lines and surfaces, Eyla is a match for high-class conference rooms, providing ergonomic comfort along with a timeless, understated style.

Design perfection is a result of time-tested vision, perseverance, and pure passion. To create the ubiquitous Eyla chair, designers Burkhard Vogtherr and Jonathan Prestwich have spent years innovating a conference chair to meet the emerging demands of new work environments for flexibility and style. The final product, without a doubt, is functional yet stunning.

Stylishly understated, Eyla features a perfectly balanced aesthetic comprising sleek lines and immaculate finishing. Beyond offering pure comfort, the plush seating has an exquisite tilt mechanism with a synchronic effect that allows users to slide the seat forward and tilt the backrest. Intuitively built, the spring tension within the chair automatically adjusts to different weights, ensuring total ergonomic compatibility. Distinctive circular armrests further enhance the design while providing additional support.

Application-wise, the Eyla chair is versatile, seamlessly fitting into a myriad of workspaces. For high-end conferences, this swivel chair is available in a four-prong base with either adjustable height or a fixed height and a swivel return function. Out of the meeting room, a five-prong based design is recommended for personal workspaces. In addition, users can choose a higher or standard backrest height.

Eyla offers two leather upholstery options to meet various specifications: Vitoria, an untreated eco-leather with a delicate waxy texture or Verona, a nubuck leather with a softer feel. Designed with the environment in mind, Eyla has excellent eco-credentials that comply with Girsberger’s CO2-neutral production policies.