The Atom takes working spaces to a new level of form and function with its dynamic spatial configuration and premium furniture from Haworth.

Conceived as a high-end “Third Space” for today’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big companies, the Atom offers a new take on workspaces by combining flexible working solutions along with elements of wellness and hospitality. This premium working space, located on the sixth floor of the Vattanac Capital Lifestyle Cube in Phnom Penh, brings together a lively community within an activated space.

“Through mapping user journey pathways, we aimed to create a seamless working experience, promoting higher levels of social context and fostering space for individual restoration and relaxation,” Haworth shares.

This refreshing concept is evident in the Atom’s key spaces, which are designed for dynamic co-working situations. The spaces effectively adapt to a myriad of work styles and requirements while maintaining a stylish interior theme using a careful selection of furnishing and furniture.

The Green Room is a mid-sized meeting room offering the choices of two-person pods, cosy one-person working nooks, and a flexible open area for small group chats. Haworth’s Poppy chairs convey a warm and welcoming atmosphere, setting the scene for relaxing yet productive discussions.

A laid-back vibe ensues at the Lounge, where an open-plan space structured around the bar provides a comfortable spot for chilling out, coffee breaks, and casual get-togethers. Furniture pieces, including Haworth’s Openest Chick pouffes, Elan sofas, and Openest Sprig tables in warm pastel tones, convey a residential and relaxing feeling. Additionally, Framery phone booths cater to quick ad hoc calls and standing work, while Cabana sofas with acoustic panels are ideal for focus work or rejuvenation.

Featuring flexible furniture configurations and custom-made bookshelves, the Library has the capacity to accommodate groups of up to 50 people. The Atom also offers three other colour-complementing meeting rooms that blend in perfect harmony with the Library for group focus work or training sessions.