Steelcase Karman goes beyond conventional mesh chairs with a highly intuitive ergonomic work chair that offers a new level of comfort.

As the world adopts new ways of working, a higher level of well-being and comfort are in demand – no matter if we are working from home or returning to the office. Steelcase Karman responds to our growing need for an improved sitting experience with a superb ergonomic work chair that delivers industry-leading comfort, ergonomics, and sustainability.

Featuring 21st-century design and engineering, this innovative chair responds to your body’s weight and movement, intuitively providing instant ergonomic comfort to lessen the strain on your back and spine.

“When you’re sitting, regardless of what posture you’re in, you’re always in contact with the seat,” says James Ludwig, Vice President of Global Design and Engineering at Steelcase. “People talk a lot about back pain, but if you think about it, that pain is often because of your glutes or hamstrings or your core. It’s a systemic issue. That’s why the seat was so important.”

Unlike ordinary work chairs, Steelcase Karman’s patented hybrid seat comprises a suspension seat with integrated cushioning and an ultralight frame. A weight-activated mechanism adjusts automatically as soon as you sit down or change position. This ensures maximum comfort even when you remain seated for hours while helping to eliminate painful pressure points on your legs and body.

Steelcase Karman’s Intermix mesh is another noteworthy element that contributes to the chair’s incredible ergonomic support. A proprietary performance textile using the patented Shrinx technology, the Intermix mesh does not sag or feels stiff.  When combined with the chair’s flexible frame, Steelcase Karman supports any sitting posture, whether you are sitting upright or leaning sideways.

Aesthetic-wise, there are many colour possibilities to match your preferences, thanks to an exciting palette consisting of 13 proprietaries Intermix colours and a variety of Lux finishes. Built with planet Earth in mind, Steelcase Karman uses sustainable materials and the least number of components necessary to foster a lower carbon footprint.