With superior lightness and intuitive ergonomic performance, Cynara offers a new dimension of benefits in aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

The Cynara task chair is light and lithe yet dynamically sturdy, providing ergonomic support and intuitive features created to uplift the modern work environment. Featuring a refined minimalist aesthetic, Cynara is the result of a three-year collaboration between the Okamura team, Andreas Krob of Swiss design agency b4K and Joachim Brüsk. The team’s main intention is to create an adaptable chair to fit different styles and preferences.

Inspired by the yumi, a Japanese bow with a distinctive arc form, Cynara translates the bow’s strength and flexibility into a gently curved framed that cradles the seat. This design produces an exceptionally comfortable chair that supports various movements. With this chair, Okamura introduces a new spring system that adjusts tension to support a broad range of body types responsively. The chair is also significantly lighter than conventional chairs, which inadvertently contributes to a lower carbon footprint. “When compared with our standard products, Cynara’s 50% reduction in weight translates to an impressive 35% reduction in CO2 emissions,” Okamura elaborates.

To enhance comfort and relaxation, Cynara features an intuitive smart ankle title reclining function that optimizes the recline tension for each user. Additionally, a lever on the left side of the chair allows users to manoeuvre the back position that fits them best – whether it is locking it in an upright position, letting it recline freely or up to 12 degrees. A lever on the right side also enables the seat’s height to be adjusted by up to 110mm.

Cynara comes in a variety of colours and options to meet different specifications. Choose between standard colours like black, white, or dark grey, or accent colours including sage, dark green and orange red for the body, base and mesh. Users can also select a chair with normal casters or hollow casters as well as with or without armrests.