A stylish table designed for conference areas and universal workspaces, Barra Work offers modular versatility in tandem with a levitating effect.

Streamlined yet sleek, the Barra Work table conveys a floating appearance that emerges from pure construction logic. Designed by Swiss designers Nathan + Ismaël Studer from Atelier I+N, Barra Work features exceptional modular features that fit perfectly into modern workspaces.

“Our goal was to design a table with an archaic, archetypal shape. Its purpose and meaning should be immediately recognizable. It is an essential and significant object at home and in the office; it is architecture in small format,” says Nathan Studer as his brother Ismaël adds, “And yet it is radically minimalist.”

Two solid wood beams and a pair of angled legs at the opposite ends support the tabletop, offering excellent stability and visual balance. When a longer table is called for, a two-piece tabletop complemented by a third pair of legs enables Barra Work to be extended to a length of 480 cm. The width can be between 110 and 130 cm, depending on the length.

For higher functionality, the area between the two beams is designed to provide storage space for media elements and cables. Users also have the option to incorporate a data box with cover in wood to match tabletop or a customized data box cut-out to maintain the minimalist outlook of the table.

Featuring a natural palette of colours, the legs are powder-coated in a choice of black or silver while the solid wood table is available in Oak or American walnut. The ideal table for conference rooms, Barra Work works well as a universal desk or team workplace.