This is one pragmatic community space that’s thoughtfully-designed to meet all their growing needs.

The Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) had commissioned DB&B to support their essential move into their new premises at Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore.

The government agency under the Ministry of Law, houses Singapore’s largest community of IP experts. With deep technical, legal and business expertise, IPOS aims to support the growth of an innovation ecosystem for Singapore’s future economy. They assist companies to make important decisions based on sound analytics, grow business through IP and innovation strategies and develop skills in IP and innovation.

In accordance with the agency’s goals for relocation and future growth, they were aiming to move towards a more collaborative working environment in the 42,000 square feet space.

DB&B envisaged a contemporary work space design to boost collaborative and creative energy across its two levels, connected by a stunning, central staircase. This new space will drive adoption of a new culture in their journey to offer a holistic environment for both employees and visitors alike and offer spaces that are multi-functional, enabling IPOS to achieve more in space efficiency.

With a general palette of neutrals, and the occasional peppering of colours, the design team creatively introduced biophilic influences to the space to conjure a welcoming and collaborative environment.

From the reception, one is greeted with a contemporary outlook with accents in a green moss wall. Soft lighting embedded in wooden trellis ceiling above the reception encapsulates a sense of calm and wellness.


In line with the objective of space efficiency, the front of house welcomes visitors to its space with a variety of settings to facilitate consultation and dialogues. Café-styled seating and consultation pods encourage comfortable conversations.

Adjacent to the consultation pods is the reading room complete with a library. Visitors are availed plenty of resources and a space to explore topics relevant to them. Tucked in a quiet corner, this reading room is filled with a creative selection of furniture, conducive lighting, thus maintaining harmony for the great minds to enjoy.


IPOS receives visitors regularly, organises workshops, as well as training programmes and seasonal events, so it was important to have adequate facilities to cater for the needs of visitors and staff with a pragmatic approach. DB&B designed an adaptable space that is easily configured to host these events.

Part of the front-of-house also includes two training rooms that were fitted with double-glazed operable walls that can accommodate as many as a hundred people. These training rooms, combined with the café area can open up to a large event venue.

Strategically-positioned along the building perimeter, natural light fills the entire depth of the training rooms to enable a conducive environment for training and development.


On both floors, DB&B designed central cafes that aim to bring IPOS employees or visitors together. These cafes are styled to offer casual and relaxed environments for conversations to flow effortlessly. Calling on nature once again, wood-inspired materials on both vertical and horizontal finishes, vibrant furniture and greenery, all create a laid-back ambience. Seating spaces were designed to accommodate groups and individuals alike.


Connectivity is key in any community space. To bring the two levels together, a central staircase was designed with glass panels to depict a connected illusion between the floors. Positioned in the central area of the space, this further underlines the agency’s focus in supporting businesses to grow and innovate.

The designers were also mindful that IPOS was aiming for attain the BCA Green Mark Award (Platinum). Indoor greenery was planned into the space to promote indoor air quality and comfort for its occupants.


At the work area, DB&B retained similar levels of vibrancy. A row of brightly-coloured discussion pods flanks the workspace. Quite a stark contrast to the other neutral elements in this space, nevertheless an instant, awakening surprise, especially if one is looking for a comfortable spot to generate ideas, have a productive discussion or simply complete some work.

The pods have a simple, standout monochromatic appeal with walls and cushions to match their bold attitude.

To encourage wellness, the designers introduced a unique feature i.e. an exercise bike. If one is done discussing and feel the need to burn some calories after lunch, employees can have a go at the exercise desk, all while still being completely productive and enjoying the scenery outside.

This desk is made up of a high table with an exercise bike acting as the chair perched along its wide windows with sweeping views of the great outdoors.

This workspace aims to naturally invite collaborative efforts with its different settings propped all throughout, so when an idea emerges, just sit down and work at it.

With this workspace design, employees and visitors are treated to an absolute positive flow of energy as they journey through and work in the midst of its transformative design features.

Project: Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS)
Location: Singapore
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: MarcusL Photography