Unispace’s new borderless EMEA headquarters in London gives staff a sense of pride by focusing on collaboration and wellness in a home away from home.

Coming from a previously-owned building of five floors with small floor plates, the Unispace London team was initially siloed, impeding employees’ ability to focus, collaborate, and communicate effectively.

Now, the revamped headquarters boasts an envious view of Tower Bridge and spans two floors, seamlessly blending hospitality into the workplace. This project adopted a truly borderless approach, grounded in Unispace’s methodology and their belief that bringing their staff together would maximise and create the optimal balance of happiness and productivity.

The overarching strategy informing the design of the fourth floor is aimed at bringing people together in a work environment that will suit their every need. As this serves as the main workplace for the Unispace London team, flexibility has been consciously integrated into the space, offering staff the opportunity to create an environment that best fits their needs and working style. The floor offers an array of amenities and spaces, including booths, high stools, low sofas, boardrooms, benches, and focus pods.

Connectivity is another element underpinning the design strategy. All meeting spaces, including the office’s events venue, have been equipped with high quality technology for the team to effortlessly connect with clients and other Unispace studios around the world. The floor also holds a cafeteria to encourage staff to leave their desks during lunch breaks and take time to socialise with others. The overall refurbishment of the fourth floor reflects a markedly strengthened culture and workflow for the Unispace London team.

The top floor holds a curated space for Unispace to meet with current and prospective clients in a variety of formats. Blending hospitality with professionalism, the space is designed for a range of purposes, from informal meetings to formal presentations. Key highlights of this space include a working lounge area with a large table, aimed at facilitating collaboration and focused work for both employees and clients, as well as a bar area, for socialising and hosting events. Coupled with the scenic views from the terraces, this is a space for clients and staff to come together for an unrivalled meeting experience.

The flexible and multi-functional fourth floor, as well as the elegant hospitality-led fifth floor in Unispace London’s office thus creates an overall bold and energetic space that highlights the company’s true culture and offerings.

Project: Unispace London
Location: London, United Kingdom
Design Studio: Unispace
Photo Credit: Unispace
Website: unispace.com