Following the successful delivery of SEA Limited’s (‘SEA’) global headquarters in Singapore in 2015 by DB&B, the company aspired to emulate its firm brand standing with their Thailand office. With the continued support of DB&B, the 3-floor workspace was to emulate the iconic and award-winning design direction implemented in the headquarters.

Characteristically SEA (Thailand), the main reception sports a vast and grand space, echoing the company’s mission to better the lives of the consumers and small businesses of Greater Southeast Asia with technology. Having gone through a recent rebranding exercise, the front-of-house is the main voice in conveying the new brand aspirations.

Inspired by their vision statement of ‘Connecting the Dots’, this office features a majestic inter-connecting staircase that forms the main centerpiece of this office. This accessibility also encourages the employees to socialize, collaborate and connect. Pockets of collaboration spaces and brainstorming areas are peppered throughout the office to cater to the SEA (Thailand) workforce who are predominantly millennials who favours a variety of work settings.

To allow for a balanced environment, the design team planned the space to allow plenty of natural light radiating in. Preference was made for glass partitions over walls to allow light to permeate effortlessly, creating a transparent, open workspace. As with their SEA headquarters in Singapore, a monumental green wall garners attention and infuses biophilia inspired element into space.

The DB&B design teams from Singapore and Thailand rallied together to offer continued support for SEA (Thailand) and successfully delivered a workspace that followed in the great footsteps of their Singapore headquarters.

Project: SEA (Thailand), Bangkok, Thailand
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: DB&B