Multinational technology company Amazon scales up their presence in Singapore through a new office spanning three floors at Asia Square, housing up to 700 employees from Amazon’s consumer business and corporate functions.

Awarded LEED Gold in 2021, Amazon’s new Singapore office is a workplace that amplifies the company’s identity and motivates employees to do their best work. Designed to reflect their DAY 1 culture and Leadership Principles, this three-storey office features vibrant wall graphics and installations that engage both employees and visitors. To top that off, the open workspace offers an array of collaborative amenities and services to support various working styles.

The multi-level office features a unique design concept that draws significant inspiration from Amazon’s corporate culture as well as local Singaporean elements to help distinguish it from other Amazon offices. The internal corridors feature environmental graphics that highlight the organisation’s Leadership Principles and trace its evolution, underscoring its commitment to being the world’s most customer-centric company, a top employer, and a safe workplace to work.


Collaboration hubs and touchdown spaces are scattered throughout the floorplate to empower employees to choose where they want to work depending on tasks on hand. Interspersed within their three-level office are fifty break-out areas and five big meeting rooms as well as open space discussion areas for casual discussions or brainstorming sessions. To allow employees to secure a suitable workspace for their day, a smart meeting room booking system is incorporated.

To facilitate a hybrid workforce, all meeting rooms and training rooms are AV/VC capable and are equipped with video-conferencing capabilities to allow seamless connection with colleagues remotely.

Designed to be a multi-purpose space, two large training rooms are separated by an operable wall to allow extra space for larger groups and townhalls, accommodating up to 200 people in a townhall-style arrangement. These two rooms are also cleverly connected through their wall design, which features the iconic Singapore skyline surrounding the office building. For events and parties which require pantry access, another operable wall can connect the rooms to a fully equipped pantry dubbed as ‘The Social Hub’.

To create a main space where employees can host their guests for a quick discussion, or for co-workers to socialise and wind down after their daily grind, the design team inserted a social hub that offers panoramic views of the Singapore skyline. Seating is also designed to fit various group sizes – ranging from individual bar seats to large communal tables.

The vibrancy of this social hub is radiated through its design elements. ‘Invent and simplify’, being one of Amazon’s leadership principles, is displayed in neon lights on a suspended mesh structure that houses the industrial lighting for the bar top. Nestled at the corner of the hub is a product display area, where guests can learn of Amazon’s wide offerings of products and solutions.

The product showcase zone is designed to reflect Amazon’s various offerings in the business. This is achieved through branded lightboxes mounted at the side of the walls. Inspired by Amazon’s brown delivery boxes, seats, pedestals and shelves in this area are made up of wooden crates. The big screen enables users to have the full ‘Kindle’ experience when conducting product tests and presentations.


With multiple stakeholders present in the same office, recreational spaces were carved out to foster interaction and synergy. Making good use of their ample wall space, activities such as scrabble, chess, snake and ladder and spin the wheel are mounted on the walls along corridors near pantry spaces and collaboration hubs. Foosball and billiard tables are also available for employees to enjoy an occasional match.


Guided by LEED design principles, DB&B’s design team supported Amazon Singapore in achieving LEED Gold status. Adopting environmentally-friendly materials for the design was one of the key goals. This can be observed in the selection of carpets made from sustainable material and the use of low VOC paint for the walls. To promote active recycling amongst employees, recycling bins are made accessible at every utility point and pantries. Lights and air-conditioning systems are also controlled in zones to save energy. Prioritising employee wellbeing, indoor air quality is constantly monitored through smart technology while potted plants and planter boxes also incorporated to add to their visual comfort.

Project: Amazon Singapore
Location: Singapore
Design Studio: DB&B
Photo Credit: MarcusL Photography