From open meeting space to personal workspaces, Collection B supports different activities with its innovative range of extensions.

In this age of technology, the new office landscape is dynamic where a myriad of activities and requirements emerges throughout the day to cater to different purposes. Highly adaptable and exceptionally flexible, Oasis’ Collection B provides a simple yet effective workspace solution to accommodate a variety of workstyles in open plan offices.

Designed by Oasis Design Lab, Collection B features a series of individual workstations and versatile furnishing elements innovated for interactive spaces including breakout zones and meeting areas. Whether you need an open meeting space or a quiet area for focused work, Collection B can be easily configured to suit different users’ needs via a selection of extensions from cabinets to tabletops and lights options.

Space-saving and multi-purpose, workstations can be equipped with acoustic tackable screens to reduce distraction and a rise-up box for ergonomic working along with S-cabinets for employees to store their personal belongings. The design also incorporates convenient power support like power points and USB ports, which together with the extensions, contribute to a more comfortable and conducive work environment.

As Collection B comes with flexible components, workstations can be configured to form a cluster of workspaces or a discussion zone. For information sharing in a group, Collection B’s easy multimedia integration is designed to support TV display while cables are integrated into the panel for a sleeker look.

With strong construction and smart configuration, Collection B is a high-performance workspace solution that is also easy to install. Specifications are kept simple, enabling a wide variety of arrangements to fit diverse office interior themes. Appearance-wise, this collection exudes a clean and minimalist aesthetic which complements contemporary workspaces immaculately.