More than just a sit-stand desking system, the Atlas Office Landscape work system goes above and beyond to bring more possibilities into the workplace.

With the emphasis on human-centred design and ergonomic excellence, the Atlas Office Landscape ingeniously combines height-adjustability and collaborative work systems into one elegant desking solution. Designed by Tim Wallace, this system features a unique “no beam” structure, resulting in a clean and versatile space that supports collaboration, focused activity or impromptu meetings.

“Reflecting Herman Miller’s long history and expertise in pioneering innovative work systems, Atlas Office Landscape differs from a standard sit-to-stand desking system,” says Tim. “Ultimately, flexibility is its greatest strength. Atlas isn’t constrained by structures traditionally seen in height-adjustable furniture, such as a horizontal beam. This means that rectilinear, 90-degree and z-plan layouts are all easily achievable,” says Tim.

Central to its design is its height-adjustable desking system which revolutionizes the standard sit-to-stand workstation. Componentry and electrical elements have been simplified and kept in a uniform manner, making large groups of height-adjustable desks easier to configure as a single workstation. To complement these desks, storage and meeting tables, as well as shared cable management, can be integrated for higher flexibility and better use of space.

Appearance-wise, the Atlas Office Landscape takes on a smooth and organic form featuring soft curved edges to create a seamless, cohesive effect. Diverting from conventional desk design which often produces a regimented look, Atlas’ rounded aesthetic is crafted to reflect an elegant piece of furniture that flows effortlessly throughout the office space. With the addition of work surfaces, screens, power supply and storage units, these desks become more functional and substantial, appealing to our human nature.