A unique visual language with a sophisticated edge highlights this insurance headquarters, but its appeals rest within its brand-driven aesthetics.

Prominent spaces with effective interior elements are vital to ensure a smooth flow of productivity within Zurich’s workspace in Pancoran, Jakarta. A renowned insurance company, PT Zurich Asuransi Indonesia (ZAI), is committed to providing quality and seamless insurance services in response to their customers’ needs. The company wanted its existing office to implement Zurich’s dynamic approach where internal zones are functional, easy to navigate and reflect its core offerings.

PAND Design Group addressed these requirements with a design principle that hinges upon the idea of “intelligent protection” for both employees and customers within a unified environment. “The overarching concept represents Zurich’s brand DNA while conveying the company’s evolving and supportive culture. Throughout the key spaces, we ensure there are ample flexible workspaces within a warm and inclusive environment,” the design team shares.

The experience of warm inclusivity is apparent upon stepping into the office. Featuring white panels and a high ceiling, the lobby brings out a vibrant sense of elegance with colours inspired by Zurich’s logo. According to the designers, every aspect of the interior, right down to the choice of colours, must adhere to Zurich’s branding guidelines to maintain a cohesive design identity.

“Due to Zurich’s corporate brand identity, it was compulsory to include their blue and white palettes. We strategically infused these colours into the finishes to ensure they blend well with the key theme. Timber finishes are also another main requirement, while soft furnishing like carpets should comprise sandstone, dark stone or dove colour. Careful selection of furniture in these tones also plays a part in reinforcing the overall Zurich look and feel,” elaborates the design team.

For each of the nine floors that make up Zurich’s headquarters, the main work areas are configured as the hub of the office. The generous layout of the work zones drives the design concept and provides a central point that expands to various collaborative modules ranging from casual seating landscapes, meeting rooms, phone booths, and breakout to the pantry-cafe and formal meeting areas. Modular furniture in eye-catching hues lends a lively touch to the spaces while complementing the minimalist desks and workstations.

The furnishing theme continues on the topmost floor accommodating the directors’ workspaces, but with a distinguished outcome to maintain a more robust corporate tone. Towards the front, a wall of wooden grilles with Zurich’s logo anchors the space. The wall affords some privacy but also allows a glimpse of the space beyond. Behind the wall, laid-back discussion spots line the hallway that leads towards the enclosed executive offices.

“The wooden grilles are indeed a key feature of this office,” the design team explains. “We designed it with linear geometric patterns to create a “moving” shape. We implemented them in several locations throughout all levels for visual connectivity. This unique interior feature ties in well with the rest of the furnishing elements, which were all meticulously selected to achieve a calm work environment that will ignite team spirit and boost creativity.”

Apart from this, natural lighting and biophilic features like planter boxes that surround the numerous cosy chairs and sofas in the office add to the warm and serene atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to use these spaces to recharge themselves or hold informal and impromptu discussions with their teammates.

Project: Zurich
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Design Studio: PAND Design Group
Photo Credit: PAND Design Group
Website: panddesign.com